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I think the demands on Israel should be clear:

1 - dismantle Israel's underground nuclear facility at Dimona.
2 - stop enrichment inside Israel.
3 - get all nuclear weapons and enriched material out of Israel
1 - Israel promotes the racist myth that 6 million Jews were deliberately exterminated by the Germans in WW2.
2 - Israel sponsors terrorist groups committed to Iran's destruction.
3 - Israel threatens to wipe Iran, Europe and possibly the World off the map:

Prof. Martin Van Creveld, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel:

"We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets for our air force.

Let me quote General Moshe Dayan: 'Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother.'

I consider it all hopeless at this point. We shall have to try to prevent things from coming to that, if at all possible.
Our armed forces, however, are not the thirtieth strongest in the world, but rather the second or third.
We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under."
And don't forget Israel's submarines, supplied by Germany and armed with nuclear tipped missiles that extend Israel's capability of nuclear destruction worldwide.
There could be a nuclear armed Israeli sub off your coast right now just waiting to destroy your cities if you make the wrong move ...

Judge Mark Ciavarella was sentenced to 28 years in prison. America lectures the World when their own legal system is bent?
There are no good or evil people, some brains work in a way that benefits society, some do not. Considering how complex the brain is, and the complexity that is added by wiring it to the body, it is amazing that anyone functions normaly.
The diet of a pregnant mother and the diet of a child throughout life can have a dramatic impact on behaviour:
Countries should thoroughly investigate the ingredients in American food before importing it.
30,000 drones to cloud American skies.
Why all Palestinians on hunger strike in Israel should start eating!!!
1 - Do you seriously believe your condition weighs heavily on the conscience of your Israeli captors?
2 - Israeli controlled Western mass media hides your protests from those who may be sympathetic to your cause.
Help the World and your families by not being dead or brain dead.
The vast majority of people do not get their information from caring websites like currentissues.tv . . . shalom, Robert.
Relate to the individual, don't let their or your ideology come between you
Remember that most races contain about the same proportions of people who have a negative or a positive influence on the society in which they live. So directing hate against a particular ethnic group such as the "Jews" is not usually justified.
However certain ideologies which people are brought up in can instill blind intolerence of people outside the ideology in their devotees.

We're so sorry we killed your family and blinded you little child, it will happen again . . .
G-d save us from the madness of American soldiers pissing on the bodies of their supposed enemies. Do they hate these human beings so much because their government and media told them that their enemy killed 3000 brothers in New York on Tuesday 11 September 2001, when in fact the people whose dead bodies they are urinating on had nothing to do with the murder of the innocent victims in New York. In fact a likely scenario is their own leaders who sent these soldiers to kill or die in Afghanistan and Iraq were responsible for the murder of the innocent brothers who these soldiers are murdering innocent Afghans to avenge.
The perpetrators of the horrific crime in New York need to be brought to justice now so that the World can return to sanity in this "enlightened" 21st century. . . . shalom, Robert.

Fanboy of the ballistic projectile game Angry Birds? Indian defence minister Arackaparambil Kurien Antony has just ordered half a billion dollars worth of 19th century Angry Bird style lightweight ballistic weapons from the the snake oil salesmen? of the burgeoning British Aerospace Systems Inc. military industrial complex, India's former (and present?) colonial masters.
That is so retro A.K.,   perhaps Clive Palmer will employ you as a rust chipper and remedial painter on his new Titanic?

"They [Muslims] hate everything you [Americans] stand for and will never coexist with you, unless you submit," the instructor, Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Dooley, said in a presentation last July for the course at Joint Forces Staff College in Norfolk, Virginia, the Associated Press reported.
The course, titled "Perspectives on Islam and Islamic Radicalism," was offered five times a year since 2004, with about 20 students each time, meaning roughly 800 students have taken the course over the years before it was removed in late April after protests.
The college, for professional military members, teaches mid-level officers and government civilians on subjects related to planning and executing war.

Dooley, who still works for the college, also presumed, for the purposes of his theoretical war plan, that the Geneva Conventions that set standards of armed conflict are "no longer relevant."
"This would leave open the option once again of taking war to a civilian population wherever necessary (the historical precedents of Dresden, Tokyo, Hiroshima, Nagasaki being applicable...)," Dooley said.
His war plan suggests possible outcomes such as "Saudi Arabia threatened with starvation...Islam reduced to cult status," and the Muslim holy cities of Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia "destroyed."
In his July 2011 presentation on a "counter-jihad," Dooley asserted that the rise of what he called a "military Islam/Islamist resurgence" compels the United States to consider extreme measures, "unconstrained by fears of political incorrectness."
A copy of the presentation was obtained and posted online by Wired.com's Danger Room blog. The college didn't respond to requests by the Associated Press for copies of the documents, but a Pentagon spokesman authenticated the documents.
Dooley also refused to comment to the AP, saying "Can't talk to you, sir," and hanging up when reached by telephone at his office Thursday.
This is not the first such incident as only last year the FBI was forced to discontinue a lecture that was hostile to Islam. The instructor of the course had told agent trainees in Virginia that the more devout a Muslim is, the more likely he is to be violent.
The report comes shortly after the US forces, in a blatantly Islamophobic act, pissed on the dead bodies of slain Afghans.
Islamophobia is systematically promoted and financially supported in the United States. An in-depth investigation into Islamophobia carried out by the Center for American Progress in the United States dubbed as 'Fear, Inc. The Roots of the Islamophobia Network in America', sheds light on the collective efforts of the Zionist groups funded by the United States in pedaling a hatred for and a fear of Islam in the form of books, reports, websites, blogs, and carefully crafted talking points.
According to the report, these wealthy donors and foundations also provide direct funding to anti-Islam grassroots groups.

The project of Islamophobia which has cost more than $40 million over the past ten years has been funded by seven foundations in the United States:
1 - Richard Mellon Scaife Foundation
2 - Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation
3 - Newton and Rochelle Becker Foundation
4 - Newton and Rochelle Becker Charitable Trust
5 - Russell Berrie Foundation, Anchorage Charitable Fund and William Rosenwald
6 - Family Fund
7 - Fairbrook Foundation

Government of USA: Man at his most degenerate and evil, ruling a people in a Hollywood of denial. World, don't get sucked in!!!
Military power is all that the USA has left, expect to be destroyed if you get in the way.
With soldiers like Lieutenant-Colonel Shalom Eisner in the Israeli military, who injures himself against an unarmed passive civilian, what hope have we got against well trained real soldiers with weapons.

OK go ahead and bomb Iran if you want us all to get hacked and blown to pieces by a highly trained fighting machine.
If we think a crowd of clubbing, dance partying pussies is a match for Iran we're living in cloud cuckoo land.
Oh but I forgot, when the going gets tough us bunch of snivelling whimps who are only used to taking out our agression on unarmed Palestinians to satisfy our religious grandiose delusions will cry to mommy USA to come and save us!

The psychotic out of control US military industrial money sucking war machine will be only too happy to oblige, but maybe only when we are all dead so they can kill 2 birds with 1 stone!
Pretty boy Lieutenant-Colonel Shalom Eisner has been dreaming about applying the weapon in the face move since his basic training, at last he found an unarmed opponent, Andreas Las, who was not expecting it!

Well done Shalom, I'm sure the International Solidarity Movement would like to kiss you for their unexpected propaganda coup!
Pity you forgot your basic training:

Lieutenant-Colonel Shalom Eisner, carrying a lot of excess weight for a soldier, leaving the hospital with a bandage on his pinky. The way he was holding his weapon his index or middle finger should have broken if any? So how come it's his pinky, it wasn't Andreas who broke it, if it was broken . . .
The picture below and the spin that goes with it is a symptom of the underlying problems created for Jews by the Jews that inhabit Palestine.
"It really happened how we said it did, in our imaginations" . . .
*** 13 year old Imam al-Hams could not walk out of hospital, her kill was "confirmed" by captain R ***

The doctor said that the nature of the wounds suggested that Iman al_Hams was already dead when some of the bullets hit her. The army swiftly blamed Iman for her own death by entering the forbidden zone. At first, the military said soldiers suspected the girl was carrying a bomb in her satchel. When it turned out there was no bomb, it said she was being used by Palestinian combatants to lure troops from their post.
But some soldiers in the unit responsible, the Shaked battalion, were outraged at what they saw as a cover-up. One told Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper that a soldier in the watchtower had told the company commander that he was about to shoot a child: "Don't shoot, it's a little girl".
"The company commander approached her, shot two bullets into her, walked back towards the force, turned back to her, switched his weapon to automatic and emptied his entire magazine into her. We were in shock. We couldn't believe what he was doing. Our hearts ached for her. Just a girl of 13," a soldier told the newspaper.
Other soldiers said that if the company commander was not dismissed they would refuse to serve under him: "It is a disgrace that he is still in his position. We want him kicked out."
The accounts of Palestinian witnesses back the claims of the protesting soldiers.

When CNN's news presenter posed the question to US Ambassador to Afghanistan Ryan Crocker in Kabul:
"Do you get the feeling that maybe we should think about ending this war sooner than the President would like to"?
Crocker answered:
"I feel just the opposite . . . If we get out now it would invite al-Qaida and the Taliban back into the country, and invite another 911".

Watch the videos below Ambassador Crocker, the Taliban and 'al-Qaida' had nothing to do with 911, your government is attacking innocent children, women and men on a premise it knows to be false.

That is cold blooded murder that you are an accessory to Ambassador Crocker. A new independent investigation of the events of Tuesday 11 September 2001 in the USA that led to the ongoing "war on terror" would remove all the people in positions of power who are currently advocating wars in the Middle East and around the World.
It would also lead to the removal of all the Jews from within the borders of what used to be Palestine before the state of Israel was formed.
"Israel is a terrorist entity operating within the country of Palestine."

All NATO troops and hardware in the Middle East need to be moved to Palestine/Israel. All NATO naval vessels need to be redeployed from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean off the coast of Palestine/Israel.

This may only be able to happen if an enlightened section of the US military stages a coup and declares martial law in the USA. On its present showing the US political system has no hope of coming to grips with the problem.

Should this happen it is important that the US civilian population maintains the services that keep them fed clothed and warm and able to carry on with their normal daily lives in spite of opposition from wealthy political forces who stand to be imprisoned or even executed for their crimes.

Please watch all the videos below to see how ridiculous the official narrative about 9/11 is, I have only included 9/11 information that is credible and sufficient to convict the perpetrators of 9/11.

Remember that most races contain about the same proportions of people who have a negative or a positive influence on the society in which they live. So directing hate against a particular ethnic group such as the "Jews" is not usually justified.

However certain ideologies which people are brought up in can instill intolerence of people outside the ideology in their devotees.

Relate to the individual, don't let their or your ideology come between you
Firemen were working up to floor 79 in the south tower on 9/11 without encountering any serious fires.
Then the south tower was deliberately demolished using pre-planted demolition charges killing all the firemen and the people they were trying to rescue in the building.
This callous wanton act of mass murder was committed by unspeakably evil people who are as yet to be brought to justice. If you have any information about the perpetrators, email the information to ae911truth.org or robert at currentissues.tv through an anonymous proxy server. Humanity will bleed to death from this wound unless it is treated.
Listen to the radio communications between the firemen as they are about to be murdered below:

10-45 Serious fire related injury
CODE 1 - Victim deceased

(A person with delusional disorder may be high functioning in daily life as this disorder bears no relation to one's IQ, and may not exhibit odd or bizarre behavior aside from these delusions.)

Official story of flight 77 hitting Pentagon a pack of lies . . .

Jean just happened to live in the same place as the fake 21/7 bombers and was supposedly mistaken for one of them who looked nothing like him.
Jean (mistaken for Osman?) was followed from his residence down the street to catch a bus allowed to board the bus (wearing a bomb belt?), allowed to get off the bus at a tube station, enter the tube station and then board a train and sit down opposite an officer who had been following him ...
See the full story HERE (Note that Tim OSMAN was an alias of Osama Bin Laden ... LINK )

FIX 9/11 AND YOU FIX PALESTINE, the Middle East and all the other spinoffs ....
Hana Shalabi allowed to see her family at the Gaza border crossing post from Israel before she enters the Gaza concentration camp for Palestinians for 3 years after being released from an Israeli prison without any charges being laid against her. Please eat well and get fit Hana, we need people like you on this earth!
The Israeli military will have ample opportunity to assassinate Hana from the air while she is in Gaza should they wish to do so.

Early morning Israeli air strike hits a house in Gaza City, wounding a young child. Thanks to "Iron Dome" missile shield provided to Israel by USA, home made pipe rockets from Gaza can no longer reach targets in Israel. So Israelis do not have to worry about any retaliation from Gaza.
The US House of Representatives is set to allocate nearly USD one billion for the 2013 fiscal year for Israel's missile systems ... link


Genesis 15:18-21 describes what are known as Gevulot Ha-aretz ("Borders of the Land") in Jewish tradition which define the full extent of the land promised to the descendants of Abraham through his son Isaac and grandson Jacob.
More precise geographical borders are given Exodus 23:31 which describes borders as marked by the "Red Sea" ( All the waters surrounding Arabia including the Indian Ocean and Persian Gulf), the "Sea of the Philistines" (Mediterranean), and the "River" (Euphrates)
- The traditional furthest extent of the Kingdom of David -

This time we will follow the intructions that G-d gave Moses on the banks of the Jordon by Jericho to the letter ...
We will eliminate every goy from within the gevulot haaretz lest they be a thorn in our side and a pin in our eye.

VIDEO WAS MADE IN AFGHANISTAN NOT PAKISTAN? nothing could have been taken away from house in Abbottabad:

Anchor: Muhammad Bashir told us something that no one said before. So we checked his identity card, we also confirmed that he really lives there, we asked from the senior fellows about him. We were very astonished by his story just see and listen what he said.

Bashir: We were awake, not asleep, a helicopter came, some men came down from it, into that house, then that helicopter went away

Reporter: How many men?

Bashir: 10-12, then that helicopter flew around those rear hills, then he came back and when he came back, two more helicopters arrived, one from the west and other from the north, there was a blast in the first helicopter and it was on fire, we immediately came out, when we reached there, the helicopter was burning, then after about 20 minutes the army and police arrived, they pushed us back, now we are asking that if Osama was here then who took him to America because all those men that came in the helicopter died in the blast, now if Osama was in that helicopter he must have died and got burnt in that helicopter too, then how they took him? this is a question of serious concern. America claims they they killed him and picked him up. How they picked him up? This is what we are thinking

Reporter: Was there only one helicopter?

Bashir? Yes the others that came flew away to Mansehra, there was only one that landed the men and came back to pick them but as he was picking them up, it exploded and caught fire.

Reporter: Then people were in it when it blew up?

Bashir: Yes They were.

Reporter : How you know?

Bashir: We saw it with our own eyes

Reporter: You saw dead men?

Bashir: Yes, dead men,

Reporter: How many?

Bashir: I couldnt count them because then the compound was on fire. The gate was open, we went in, the army and police hadnt arrived then, there were some people but they weren't stopping us. The whole neighborhood has seen that but they are silent now.

Bashir: We saw the helicopter burning, we saw the dead bodies, then everything was removed and now there is nothing

Reporter: How many dead bodies did you see?

Bashir: We couldn't count them because they were blown to pieces.


US has bases in Djibouti, Socotra, Masirah. The bases are separated by about 650nm . They have aircraft loaded with missiles at each base capable of 1700 miles per hour. US spy satellites can resolve down to at least 20cm. Objects located by satellites can be tracked by computers. Genuine fishing boats look and behave differently to pirate boats. The US also has many available drones in the area armed with missiles and very high resolution imaging that would leave no doubt as to the intention of a scanned boat. The drones can fly anywhere in their controlling satellite's footprint for many hours. (Drone base also on Seychelles, multipurpose base on Diego Garcia).
So you can deduce that if the US military wanted to take out the pirates they could. They extrajudicially execute plenty of Pakistanis without any worry.
But as Stephen M. Carmel says, a very small amount of US trade passes through the area so the Pirates are only a problem for trade competitors of the US.
However the "pirates" do give the US an excuse to set up large military bases in an area they want to control.
US President Barack Obama's chief counterterrorism advisor has defended the non-UN-sanctioned CIA assassination drone strikes (extrajudicial executions without trial) in Pakistan's tribal regions, calling them legal and ethical.
He went on to say that the US Constitution allows the president to protect the nation from any imminent threat or attack. (No threat to USA homeland!)
The US regularly uses unmanned aircraft for attacks on Pakistan's tribal regions, claiming the airstrikes target al-Qaeda and Taliban militants, but locals say civilians are the main victims of the assaults.
The US resumed its drone operations in Pakistan in recent weeks after it halted the strikes in November 2011, when 24 Pakistani soldiers were killed in NATO airstrikes at two checkpoints on the Afghan border.
In response to the attack, Islamabad closed the border crossings used to transfer NATO supplies into landlocked Afghanistan and ordered all US personnel to vacate a remote airfield in Balochistan province that was used to launch drone attacks.
Only third world countries with no air defences are vulnerable to drone attacks. Drones are really slow. very flimsy, and they can only see below. Also they are not flown by real pilots! in short they are cheapo crap that can be blasted out of the sky en masse by any respectable air defense system.
They are for use against defenseless civilians and rebels trying to evict the voracious Yanks from their countries.
Governments and corporations feed on each others corruption, protect your country from the lethal US$
Boycott Divestment Sanctions on the USA, starve the evil Dragon that is devouring our resources with its insatiable hunger
Genuine Cyanide Holocaust in India: