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Guns and terrorists are not the U.S.A.'s problem:
On the afternoon of January 21, 2005, Sarah invited Adrianne to join her, Cory and Sean for lunch at Taco Bell; on the way there, Sarah and Adrianne reportedly began fighting.
In the parking lot, Cory held down Adrianne while Sarah strangled her with a belt and beat her with a wooden handle. After the murder, Sarah and Cory took Adrianne's body to Sarah's grandparents' farm in Aledo, where they tried to burn it with gasoline. When it failed to burn after several hours, they recruited a 16 year-old boy from Moline named Nathan Gaudet to help dismember the body. Nathan used his grandfather's handsaw to remove Adrianne's head and arms and placed them in a garbage bag. The three teenagers ate lunch at McDonald's, then later disposed of the garbage bag at the Black Hawk State Park. Adrianne's parents reported her missing after she failed to show up to work at Checkers restaurant. Authorities discovered Adrianne's remains a few days later on January 26, 2005. link
This is not an isolated case of totaly abnormal human behaviour in the USA, watch the video above right to see where it's coming from. Watch more videos here

"they tried to burn it with gasoline. When it failed to burn after several hours . . ."
Perhaps they watched too many Jewish Holocaust movies and they thought the fat in the body would make it burn easily. Like the Holocaust movie makers they "forgot" that a body is mostly water which requires a lot of heat to boil off.

Obama's troops in Afghanistan are doing all the evil things he ascribes to others in his speech.

The Jews are living in Palestine under false pretenses, they perpetuate the racist myth that the German people were responsible for the murder of 6 million Jews, so Jews should be forcibly removed from Palestine.

The World human population has doubled in only 44 years to 7 billion. The human population of the Earth is more than 4 times what it was in 1912, or more than 8 times what it was in 1812! Corporations desire growth for their bottom line and governments have been asleep at the wheel.
We have exterminated millions of other species as we have multiplied! What are we going to do about it? Eat, sleep, produce waste products, have sex, watch media on gadgets we purchase from corporations and destroy the remaining species on the earth including ourselves. Don't worry there are an infinite number of other planets like Earth in the infinite Cosmos, an infinite number of them will be populated by people who do not overstress the resources of their planet. We are inconsequential mindless minions living on parts of the surface of a planet who have finally achieved an awareness that we are part of the Cosmos but we are about to blow it by destroying all we have become over millions of years in the name of a new pair of shoes!
Hesham Tillawi asked Noam Chomsky "who did 9/11?", or kicking an empty can of Chomskyade down Chene Street to Lafayette Park, Detroit. All that glitters is not gold?
Yemen, yet another country for ugly characters Obama, Clinton and Panetta to unleash their hellfire missiles on to disfigure her beauty.
(Photos from Google Earth by: Prof Richard T Mortel, Palmario, Maremagna, Pascalenian.)
No! simple ill-informed left wing do-gooders, Julian Assange is NOT your Messiah, click image.
*** Morons destroy things, intelligent humans create stuff ***

Congratulations to the North Korean people for delivering their Kwangmyongsong-3 scientific satellite into Earth orbit using their Unha-3 rocket while NATO countries, who condemned the North Korean rocket launch, continue to support terrorists assassinating the people of Syria.
Elon Musk will be the first to tell you that putting a satellite into orbit presents many challenges.

People of the USA, as a country you have become like a Pit Bull infected with rabies aimlessly bounding around mauling other countries and infecting them with your disease. Unless you can fight off the infection in your brain/leaders the only solution may be for the rest of the World to put you down to save themselves and the Earth which supports us all!!!

It would have been useful to foreign intelligence services to have co-opted the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood at least as far back as the assassination of the President of Egypt Anwar Sadat. My instinct is not to trust Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi. His actions have been vindicating my assessment.
Being a highly credentialed, with a Ph.D. in materials science from the University of Southern California, engineer and having studied aluminium oxide, a product of the chemical reaction of thermite/thermate/nano thermite, in great detail he has no excuse for not knowing that the buildings at the World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan were brought down using demolition charges on Tuesday 11 September 2001.
As he has not called the U.S. administration out on this fact it is pretty certain that he is working for them and the Israelis.
Click his pic for damning evidence he should know! is Morsi Mubarak 2.0 ?
When the Iranians got rid of the U.S. puppet ruling Iran, the Shah, they were faced with the problem of purging their country from years of corrupting American influence. The way they chose to do this was re-institute a system that was tried and tested in their country, they went back to a society based on Islamic principles as a starting point to move forward from. If the Americans had let the revolution run it's course Iranian society would probably have been able to reach a much more advanced state today. But instead the U.S.A. waged an 8 year war against Iran using Iraq to do the fighting for them. This forced Iran to become highly militarised. When the U.S.A. lost the war against Iran they realised Saddam Hussein and Iraq were of no use to them so they destroyed Iraq with their air power, then after 12 years of crippling sanctions on Iraq they dared to attack Iraq with a ground force, and hang Saddam Hussein the president of Iraq who had fought a bloody 8 year war against Iran for them.
Iran traded oil for nuclear power stations from Russia to free up more of the Iranian's oil and gas for export. Nuclear power is cheapest if you can mine the uranium in your own country, enrich it and produce fuel rods for your reactors. So that is what the Iranians are doing.
But Israel and the USA made up the story that they were enriching the uranium to make nuclear bombs to "wipe Israel off the map". NATO powers have used this as an excuse to apply draconian sanctions on the Iranian people to try and bring down the Government of Iran because they don't accept American hegenomy.
Even if Iran were to build a nuke it would be a mere flea bite compared to what the USA has after more than 60 years research and development wasting away in silos all over the USA that they need to get rid of!
Like they tranfer their depleted uranium waste to other peoples countries by means of invasions, and avoid having to remove toxic asbestos from the World Trade Center towers by demolishing them using US military grade nano thermite (perhaps they were testing it's effectiveness, like dropping 2 atom bombs on Japananese cities to find out the effects on civilian populations.) and saying "Arab terrorists did it". Dropping their nukes all over the World would be a good way to dispose of the old bombs so the military industrial complex can use struggling US taxpayer money to build new ones.
Sanctions are not stopping the commissioning of Russian built Iranian nuclear power stations, so the U.S.A. and Israel are prepared to holocaust millions of Iranian and their own citizens as an offering to their failed G-d of capitalism.
Citizens of NATO countries who are facing austerity, belt tightening, measures to cover the failures of your incompetent ruling class, remove them from power!!!
Iran's non existent nukes, and testosteronic Generals having affairs with their biographers are just distractions to make you take your eyes off the ball.
USS Dwight D. Eisenhower is now standing off the coast of Syria just waiting for a false flag so Hillary Rodham Clinton can say once again "We came, we saw, he died."
Now we know what Hillary promised Ben Miliekowsky (Netanyahu) at their meeting when he dropped his plan to invade Gaza. She promised to invade Syria and add to the death and destruction she has already wreaked on the Syrians through her proxy terrorist mercenaries who perpetrated the Houla massacre and the school massacre below.

People of the USA, those dictating the policy of your Government since at least 11 Sepember 2001 have proven themselves to be unrepentant mass murderers by their actions. It is time to bring them to account for their horrific slaughter of innocent people to satiate their lust for power and greed!!!
9 students and a teacher were killed at the Bteiha School in the Wafideen camp in Syria when it was targeted by Israeli and US supported terrorists using mortars. Wafideen camp is home to around 25,000 people forced out of the Golan Heights in 1967 when they were occupied by Israel.

NATO, the USA controlled killing machine, is deploying Patriot missile batteries along the Turkish border with Syria under the patently false pretext that Syria is likely to use chemical weapons against the Turkish people. The USA and Israel both use the chemical weapon white phosphorus, which has a horrific effect on living organisms, against civilians in urban areas saying it was deployed to illuminate the battlefield!!!
The Cambodian lawyer defending Ta Mok, the Khmer Rouge military leader, said: "All the foreigners involved have to be called to court, and there will be no exceptions: Madeleine Albright, Margaret Thatcher, Henry Kissinger, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and George Bush, we are going to invite them to tell the world why they supported the Khmer Rouge." - John Pilger.

Israel's most wanted terrorist Khaled Mashal enters Gaza and they don't target him with a Helfire missile? He tells the Gazans they won a "war" with Israel, and they believe him?
Palestinians, choose new leaders from among the very talented Palestinians inside and outside Palestine. Current leaders bury your pride and admit that you will never be capable of solving the problem. Palestine is just a flea bite for Israel, they want the whole Arabian Peninsula and then some.
The recent USA supported Israeli aggression against Gaza caused more than $1.2 billion in direct and indirect damages. According to Hamas spokesman Taher al-Nunu, the eight-day operation has completely destroyed 200 homes and partially damaged another 8,000. Another 42 non-residential buildings, including the Hamas government headquarters, were also completely destroyed.
Khaled Meshal who pays for the training and arming of the Martyrs brigade and the Kassam brigades enters Gaza and Israel looks the other way? Khaled Meshal attained his credibility with the Palestinians after an Israeli attempt on his life.
If Israel had wanted to assassinate Khaled Meshal they could have. The attempt was concocted in such a way that it got maximum publicity to give Khaled Mashal hero status in the eyes of the Palestinians. Everything Khaled Meshal does helps Israel but gets Palestinians killed and wounded and their homes businesses hospitals and schools destroyed. Khaled Mashal was living safely outside Gaza while Gazans suffered.
One version of the assassination story goes:

As a retaliation for the Mahane Yehuda Market Bombings, a July 1997 attack by Palestinian suicide bombers on a major market in Jerusalem, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered two Israeli Mossad agents to assassinate Mashal, who was, at the time, the Jordanian branch chief of Palestinian Sunni Islamic political party, Hamas.
The agents entered the city using Canadian passports and waited for Mashal at his office. As he was entering, one agent injected a chemically modified toxin called levofentanyl into his left ear.
All did not go as planned, though. Mashal's chauffeur saw what was going down and hit the poison-toting agent with a newspaper, and a security guard chased the agents once they escaped to their car. The two were apprehended, and King Hussein of Jordan forced Netanyahu to hand over an antidote by getting none other than then-President Bill Clinton to persuade him.

If you believe that you'll believe the Moon is made of cheese!
The Mahane Yehuda Market Bombings were a massive public relations coup for Israel!
Khaled Meshal just has to mention his martyrs like he did after the 2008/9 invasion of Gaza and the Western media goes into a feeding frenzy about evil Palesinian suicide bombers wanting to callously slaughter innocent Jewish mothers and babies! Another coup for Israeli PR to make people forget the slaughter of hundreds of Palestinian kids.
After Hamas won the election Israel picked up the moderate members of Hamas and put them in Israeli jails, which turned out to be a very smart move down the track according to one Knesset member.

The UN General Assembly has overwhelmingly approved a resolution calling on Israel to immediately open its nuclear program for inspection. The resolution, approved Monday by a vote of 174 to 6 with 6 abstentions, also demands that Israel join the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty "without further delay," and back a recently canceled conference to ban nuclear weapons from the Middle East. Major Arab nations and Iran had planned to attend the mid-December conference in Helsinki, Finland, but the US announced on November 23 that the summit was canceled, the AP said. Tehran and several Arab nations claimed that the event was shelved because Israel refused to attend.

Jewish ritual sacrifice and genital mutilation still practiced by tribal elders above.

Perhaps the Jewish Elders in Modern Israel are using the Gazan people as human sacrificial lambs to their fake G-d?
Israel is a land peopled by "religious nutters?" with nukes, biological and chemical weapons whose ancient sages made up the story that they were the children of a G-d who was also a figment of their fertile imaginations. Anyone not of their tribe was created by their invented G-d to be their slaves. "Hear, O Israel, the LORD our G-d, the LORD is One". And you wonder why there is a problem in Israel?
The medical term is "grandiose delusion" and they are suitable cases for treatment!
In the early days of clearing Palestinians from their villages the Jews poisoned the wells with typhus and dysentery used as biological weapons so the water would be undrinkable if the Palestinian villagers tried to sneak back to their homes. link
Sane Jews have "moved on" and live in the real World.
Happy Hanukkah on the 8th evening till 16th evening.
On Thursday the 193 member United Nations General Assembly voted 138 to 9 with 41 abstentions at the UN headquarters in New York for a resolution approving the upgrade of Palestine's status at the UN from "observer entity" to "observer non-member state". Nine countries, including Canada, Israel, and the United States, voted against it.
Listen to Hesham Tillawi:
Speaking before the vote, the acting Palestinian Authority Chief, Mahmoud Abbas told the General Assembly that it was "being asked today to issue the birth certificate of Palestine"
The vote is seen as a long-sought victory for the Palestinians, but an embarrassing diplomatic defeat for the United States.
Having earned the observer non-member status, Palestinians enjoy access to UN agencies and the International Criminal Court where they could file complaints against Israel. The upgrade also allows the Palestinians to participate in debates at the UN and improve their chances of joining UN agencies. (PressTV)
Israel will be secretly pleased with the result as the UN is now recognising the State of Palestine as the map on the right below. Because Laurent Fabius was involved there had to be a catch!

French Minister of Foreign Affairs Laurent Fabius backs Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' bid for observer status for the now practically nonexistent state of Palestine at the UN General Assembly? Fabius signed off on the blowing up of the Greenpeace vessel Rainbow Warrior in Auckland harbor New Zealand, leading to the death of a photographer on board. He was Prime Minister of France at the time. Fabius recently fabricated a story against the Syrian government to justify France supporting the proxy invasion of Syria by terrorist death and destruction squads for Israel.
Fabius said: "In recent months the Syrian regime reached a new stage of violence in the country by sending Mig planes and then using so called barrel bombs - explosives packed inside large oil drums packed with TNT,"
They were not Russian made Mig planes, and there were no "barrel bombs" as described by Fabius.
Click image above for "One State" solution.
The end game, South West Asia from a Jewish perspective:


Genesis 15:18-21 describes what are known as Gevulot Ha-aretz ("Borders of the Land") in Jewish tradition which define the full extent of the land promised to the descendants of Abraham through his son Isaac and grandson Jacob.
More precise geographical borders are given Exodus 23:31 which describes borders as marked by the "Red Sea" ( All the waters surrounding Arabia including the Indian Ocean and Persian Gulf), the "Sea of the Philistines" (Mediterranean), and the "River" (Euphrates)
The traditional furthest extent of the Kingdom of David.
People of Syria, if you let the Americans control your country you can be assured of mass unemployment and finacial disaster, the U.S.A. even managed to infect Europe with their social plague:
People of Syria, don't listen to Mouaz al-Khatib who is not suffering with you from the Hell he has helped unleash on Syria, but living in comfortable hotels attending useless conferences!
French Foreign Affairs minister Laurent Fabius looking so pleased with himself on the right signed off on the blowing up of the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior in Auckland Harbor, New Zealand which lead to the death of the photographer, back when he was Prime Minister of France? Wake up French electorate! Francois Hollande, your elected President, standing in front of al-Khatib has about as much in common with the Labor movement as a sh-t stain on a royal toilet seat.

Drive the stake of 9/11 truth into those responsible in the U.S.A. and drive the stake of 7/7 truth into those responsible in the U.K. and the masters of the current mahem will be taken out of circulation!!!!
Wall Street and the Military Industrial complex's puppet Barack Obama recycles his November 2008 acceptance speech in 2012 to the rapturous applause of the same people that were suckered in by the words fed to him by his corporate backers to fool "the people" (white black red yellow gay straight etc etc) into believing he had their interests at heart in 2008. Get real people, all his Chiefs of Staff (his sole appointment, forget about the Congress) have come straight from from the big banks that have screwed themselves, and the U.S., European and World economy by ruthlessly taking advantage of banking deregulation in the U.S.A. that allowed them to tap into your "fractional reserve" money held by high street banks.
Wake up from your mainstream media, corporate consumerism induced coma people, it's time to "get real" or "get f-cked over", it's your call! Compare Obama's 2 acceptance speeches below:
Less than 50% of eligable voters voted so Obama got less than 25% of the eligable vote. So perhaps he does NOT represent 75%, the vast majority, of the American people?
The same can be said for Romney.
STOP!!! terror attacks synthesised by the same people responsible for 9/11 by supporting a new independent scientific investigation of 9/11 that will show humanity who was really responsible:

Listen to Richard Gage annihilate the credibility of mainstream media and journalists below left:

Everyone, watch the video above right and then take action against those people responsible
Climb out of the mainstream media's pit of ignorance using the ladder of scientific facts Richard has furnished you with. We must seek justice on the 11th anniversary of 9/11
Firemen were working up to floor 79 in the south tower on 9/11 without encountering any serious fires.
Then the south tower was deliberately demolished using pre-planted demolition charges killing all the firemen and the people they were trying to rescue in the building.
This callous wanton act of mass murder was committed by unspeakably evil people who are as yet to be brought to justice. If you have any information about the perpetrators, email the information to ae911truth.org or robert at currentissues.tv through an anonymous proxy server. Humanity will bleed to death from this wound unless it is treated.
Listen to the radio communications between the firemen as they are about to be murdered below:

10-45 Serious fire related injury
CODE 1 - Victim deceased

Barry Jennings feels big explosion in Building 7 before South or North Towers fall LINK
Click here to donate to "Ellen Mariani Legal Defense Fund", Ellen lost her husband on 9/11.
Israeli cluster bombs made in U.S.A. still kill:
Israel dropped approximately four million cluster bombs on South Lebanon during their July 2006 invasion, most of them in the last two days of the invasion when it was clear a ceasefire was on the horizon.
"Ibrahim left this world silently. The news stations did not cover his death, nor did any political figure call for public mourning. Only his fellow villagers wore black as they carried his coffin on their shoulders and buried him." link

The Situation Room in the White House. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza) From left:
1 - John Brennan, Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism.
2 - Tony Blinken, National Security Advisor to Vice President Joe Biden.
3 - David Agnew, Director for Intergovernmental Affairs.
4 - Alyssa Mastromonaco, Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations.
5 - Jacob Lew, Chief of Staff. Play video on wall for dirt on Jacob Lew!

Suri Holmes enjoys her politically hot pain au chocolat. Mercenaries and soldiers who find yourselves killing civilians and destroying infrastructure that took thousands of years to develop and allows us to enjoy our life on this Earth, throw down your weapons and hateful thoughts for a constructive loving trade that benefits humanity.
To Jean Francois Cope, NO! a "devout Muslim bully?" did not rudely grab a pain au chocolat from the gentle hands of an innocent little "french" boy at the school gate, saying it was forbidden to eat pain au chocolat on Ramadan, check your facts before you engage your big mouth to stir up anti Muslim hate to further your political lust! By the way pain au chocolat is chametz so is forbidden on Pesach, so us evil Jews do not allow our kids to eat their pain au chocolat on Passover! Shame on us?

Muslims perhaps you should watch this "evil" cartoon video about part of Jacob's life?
Oh my G-d I am really upset about it, our Holy text actually tells us that Jacob cheated his brother Esau out of their father Isaac's inheritance by impersonating his brother Esau before his blind father! and it was Isaac's wife that suggested it!
But it gets worse, Jacob's future father in law cheats Jacob by marrying him off to the wrong daughter, you have to watch it to believe it!
Then it says Jacob marries Rachel and her sister and has sex and babies with both sisters and their gentile slave girls (So not all the sons of Jacob were Jewish?), I don't believe it!
But do you see us Jews creating havoc because this sacred text puts Jacob in such a bad light, no way!!!
Lighten up, if you need to harden yourself against gratuitous insults watch a few of Sarah Silverman's videos. Remember you could have been born the person responsible for the production of the "life of Muhammad" video that was designed to target your achilles heel.
There are plenty of pressing problems in the World and that badly made inaccurate video about the life of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is not one of them!!!
Perhaps we should all Watch: Kabbalah - Five basic principles - Ego/DNA? Perhaps the "Jews" are not so evil? and by the way Mr DNA Jim Watson has an ego as big as a planet, he said in front of a tall sculpture of a DNA double helix in the grounds of his residence, we don't need G-d any more, we are G-d. Even if you don't believe in G-d that is pretty far fetched!!! Just because I know the alphabet doesn't mean I can write Shakespear. And what about the rest of the infinite Cosmos? Mr smarty pants Watson.
Israel is mob central, without it the ever present religious money laundering would not be possible, a typical example from a few years ago in Australia: link Synagogue culture the root of the problem? link

"In 1918, the Canadian War Memorials Fund commissioned the British artist George Clausen to paint a large canvas focusing on the subject of agriculture behind the lines in France. Clausen was a well-known landscape, figure and portrait painter. However, his journey to France in the winter of 1919 had a great impact on him and, instead of agriculture, the resulting painting shows the artist's impression of people returning to their destroyed homes after the Armistice." (Parliament of Canada)
Does Ehud Barak want to sacrifice the Jews in Israel? link
Click on image below for some health issues caused by corporate greed / government complicity:

Join the Khan Academy FREE, throw off the shackles of ignorance:
Haul yourself out of the hot primeval soup of superstition, up the rope of reason Salman Khan has thrown you, into the cool air of enlightenment.

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Below left is a bathroom where I set Shadows=35% Highlights=7%
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