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(Sorry the page has got so long, I'm on the case, shalom, Robert.)

Reality check for those of us who rely on main stream media (the telly):
BBC, a propaganda arm of MI6 like CNN, FOX ... are propaganda arms of CIA? If you are emotionally stirred by a BBC news story it's probably a contrived distortion of reality? link
Julian Assange works for US/Australian/Israeli intelligence?
Sex change Chelsea/Bradley Manning was designed to bring the bleeding heart new age liberals back to the fold when they started to doubt the credibility of Wikileaks and the Assange/Manning duo?
When the Wikileaks flavour started to sour, enter Edward Snowden from stage left, another fake, to make everyone scared to go to alternative news websites on their Internet connected devices in case the evil all pervasive NSA caught them and they lost their jobs, families and ended up in jail or worse?

Below, Mexicans who live in the home of the corn plant, demonstrate against Monsanto using US patent laws to make a profit from messing with life?

Palestinians remember their suffering in the 66 years since they were expelled from their lands by the Jews who occupied Israel, financially supported by Jews outside Israel like the Rabbi in New York who allegedly diverted charitable funds for disabled children into his own pockets? link . . . link
below left - USA supports torture of Palestinian kids, "Stone Cold Justice":
below right - Hebron 7 May 2014 - "Two boys were detained, and the teachers of the school quickly convinced the soldiers to release one of the boys. After some more discussion the soldiers then let go of the second, only to run up to the street and throw a tear gas grenade and stun grenades at other schoolchildren. This incident lasted approximately 20 minutes.
In cases like this we can see how important the job of the teachers is in this area, and how difficult it is to is educate under military occupation."

As you can see the slaughter of Palestinian children by Israeli Jews occupying Palestine by force is horrific. Daniella Weiss, do not use Ariel Sharon's name in vain when he is not around to verify your words!
It's time to get real,
1 - Jews must be removed from Palestine,
2 - No Jews were gassed in World War 2, the Holocaust is a Jewish fable!
3 - Jews are still committing atrocities in Palestine.
4 - The Jewish leaders of Israel are mentaly unstable and have the capability to nuke a large portion of Eurasia!
In the 3 years since the conflict in Syria was started by the USA and Israel there are now more than 2.7 million Syrian refugees who have fled into neighbouring countries, more than half are children?
At that rate the 6.1 million Jews in Palestine could be resettled in other countries in 6.8 years, when do we start?
Watch the videos above and below several times to fully comprehend the true nature of the Jews occupying Palestine:

The end game, South West Asia from a Jewish perspective:


Genesis 15:18-21 describes what are known as Gevulot Ha-aretz ("Borders of the Land") in Jewish tradition which define the full extent of the land promised to the descendants of Abraham through his son Isaac and grandson Jacob.
More precise geographical borders are given Exodus 23:31 which describes borders as marked by the "Red Sea" ( All the waters surrounding Arabia including the Indian Ocean and Persian Gulf), the "Sea of the Philistines" (Mediterranean), and the "River" (Euphrates)
The traditional furthest extent of the Kingdom of David.

The end game, 40,000 Orthodox Jewish men meet in New York?
Below half a million orthodox Jews in Israel protest an order that will make them take part in military service.
Spending their time learning the wisdom contained in the Torah has to be better than learning how to kill people!
I'm still waiting for half a million Christians to protest against the military industrial complex?

The peaceful fields of France are a far cry from the desolation and destruction being wreaked on the land and people of Syria by terrorists with the encouragement of the Foreign Minister of France, Laurent Fabius? He was Prime Minister of France when Navy divers working in conjunction with the French secret service attached 2 explosive devices to the Green Peace ship Rainbow Warrior in Auckland harbor, New Zealand killing the photographer on board, Fernando Pereira. Fabius is now stirring the cauldron in the Ukraine.
DGSE via MI6 tells BBC to use it's copyright on video of sinking of Rainbow Warrior (Forensic analysis, intro by Sir Ludovik Kennedy) below to remove it from Youtube?
(DGSE is freaking out, someone get that video back up again and send me the link, robert @ currentissues.tv)

The unplumbed depths of depravity to which the USA administration sinks to make a point to the children of Syria???
Syria's top Christian leaders have called on the US to stop supporting Syria militants as conditions continue to worsen for the religious minority in the crisis-hit Arab country.
Leaders of five Christian denominations have called on the US government to change its policies and stop calling the militants "freedom fighters". They are also urging Washington to put pressure on countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey to stop sending foreign militants into Syria.
Woman thanks US administration for giving Crimea to Russia with a traditional cake.
"F**k the EU" Nuland is not amused ...
USA murders Ukrainians to further interests of US military industrial complex & IMF loan sharks?

Victoria Screwland installs her nice Jewish boy as unelected PM of Ukraine? Shorty McCain tells PM a tall story?
Ukrainians, it was the USA, UK and France who supported Joseph Stalin's brutal rule of the USSR and the evil things he did to you. Adolf Hitler nearly saved you from Stalin, and he could have saved the whole USSR from Stalin if the Allies had joined Hitler in his fight against Stalin. Instead the USA, UK and France helped Stalin, who murdered millions of the people of the USSR, and destroyed Hitler.
The US military industrial complex made trillions of dollars from the threat of the "Red Menace" they created!!!
Then after taking the "Communists" down to allow the Jewish Oligarchs and the IMF to screw the Russian people over the USA invented the fictional "terrorist threat" and the "Axis of Evil"!!!

So if you trust the NATO countries who are encouraging you to cause chaos in your country solely for their own benefit you need to wake up to reality!!!

USA uses nuclear radiation to destroy societies. After dropping nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki they sold Japan, a country of earthquakes and Tsunamis, their first nuclear power plants. They tested nuclear bombs in the Pacific Islands and in the USA. Now they spread depleted uranium over the land of the peoples they invade, a convenient way of disposing of their nuclear waste!
If a 50 megaton hydrogen bomb was exploded above Manhattan everything under the yellow disk to several hundred feet deep would be destroyed!!!
We are not talking Hiroshima and Nagasaki, duck and cover won't save you, nothing will save you!!!
Outside the yellow disk it will still be worse than Hiroshima, all brought to you on a hypersonic delivery vehicle.
Technology has progressed a long way since the USA dropped experimental atom bombs on innocent Japanese civilians and since 1961 when the Russians tested their 50 megaton bomb.

If the USA and it's allies had helped Adolf Hitler rid the USSR of the murderous tyrant Joseph Stalin there would have been no cold war, no arms race, no Berlin wall, no Vietnam war ...

But the USA arms industry stood to make billions out of the lend lease scheme to sell arms to Joseph Stalin and Britain. Britain only finished paying off their lend lease debt to the USA in 2006.
Having built up the military strength of the USSR under Stalin in WW2 the USA created a "Red Menace" to keep their military industrial complex rich in the post World War 2 decades.
Firebombing and burning to the ground almost every highly inflammable paper and wood Japanese city did not stop the Japanese fighting on to defend their homeland, so the USA cop out that dropping an untested nuke on innocent civilians in Hiroshima would make the Japanese military surrender is complete bullshit. Then having witnessed the horrific carnage their bomb wrought in Hiroshima, to drop another untested nuke of a different type on Nagasaki is totally inexcusible!!!
The effects of radiation on the human body were well known since the time of Maria Salomea Sklodowska (Curie) who died of aplastic anemia brought on by exposure to radiation.
The USA military industrial complex is so evil (anti-social) it defies imagination!!!
Below USA nukes based in Europe and Turkey just waiting to destroy DNA and cause excruciatingly painfull deaths of innocent human beings and animals:
Perhaps Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan will take control of the USA Incirlik Air Base in Turkey and install his own men to maintain and deliver it's 90 nukes? I'm sure it would help in his bid for membership of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization!
Sibel Edmonds, looks like your hopes of Erdogan "schpilling the beans" will not happen, Erdogan is crawling up Obamas ass to save his own sorry ass!
Erdogan shot down a Syrian fighter to please his bosom buddy Obama, and now an English translation of a recorded conversation between Turkish Foreign Minister, Chief of Intelligence, Deputy Chief of General Staff, and Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs about massive military aid to jihadist terrorists in Syria, black ops, and war plans to invade Syria has been uploaded to YouTube on 27 Mar 2014:
Hesham Tillawi, Depleted Uranium in Iraq Ten years after the War still causes deformed births!

Why the World is in a mess, humans are not shouldering their responsibility 2 care and 2 be aware:
"They have hearts and yet do not understand, they have eyes and yet do not see, they have ears and yet do not hear; Such people are just like cattle" ... Qur'an, al-An'am, 7:179

President of the USA, Barry Dunham, makes many empty promises. Obama's Inaugural Address in 2013 closely paralleled his Inaugural Address in 2009 which was full of unfulfilled promises.
USA policy is designed by the military industrial complex to maximise their profits. Wake up cattle!

Click pic for "actor Obama fed lying speeches"

Keeping the people of planet Earth fed, clothed and sheltered is a problem of logistics, if FeDeX runs smoothly, the same principles applied to the World's human population using mathematics and computing power can ensure everyone has a happy life.
The resources are available, but they are not getting to all the people who need them.
We need to dismantle the road block to a happy Earth:
The demise of the World Trade Center in New York on Tuesday September the 11th 2001 causing the deaths of thousands of innocent Americans could only have been perpetrated by elements of the US administration, possibly with the assistance of some of our brothers. Any of us who took part in the setting up of this massacre need to come clean now as part of our atonement this new year. Perhaps our involvement was forced upon us by the US administration as payback for the billions of dollars a year Israel receives in aid?

The National Institute of Standards and Technology created a computer model simulation of the fall of World Trade Center Building 7.
The acceleration of the falling building obtained from their computer model was found to be significantly different from the actual acceleration of building 7 that can be determined from the video, free fall for the first 100 feet.
NIST's computer simulation could not model free fall for the first 100 feet but NIST did not change their report to reflect the failure of their computer simulation of the collapse of building 7.

Watch David Chandler's 3 videos below:
Firemen were working up to floor 79 in the south tower on 9/11 without encountering any serious fires.
Then the south tower was deliberately demolished using pre-planted demolition charges killing all the firemen and the people they were trying to rescue in the building.
This callous wanton act of mass murder was committed by unspeakably evil people who are as yet to be brought to justice. If you have any information about the perpetrators, email the information to ae911truth.org or robert at currentissues.tv through an anonymous proxy server. Humanity will bleed to death from this wound unless it is treated.
Listen to the radio communications between the firemen as they are about to be murdered below:

10-45 Serious fire related injury
CODE 1 - Victim deceased

Our condolences to all impacted by the loss of flight MH-370.
Here is the hard radar and transponder data for Malaysian Airlines flight MH-370 as reported by Reuters ... Timeline and insert map from Wikipedia.
The flight computer must have been reprogrammed to fly through the 4 waypoints Igari, Vampi, Gival and Igrex (MH-370 was tracked by Malaysian military radar negotiating the first 3 and heading for the 4th)
What were the next waypoints that MH-370 was programmed to fly through? A route to the Southern Ocean seems extremely unlikely. Perhaps the calculations done by INMARSAT from the pings received from MH-370 are not as accurate as they think?
Inmarsat has only 3 geostationary satellites 22,000 miles high over the equator, whereas Iridium has 66 polar orbiting satellites at only 480 miles high. Iridium's satellites can communicate with each other, so your call can be routed across the World via the polar orbiting satellite network instead of having to go to a ground station. Inmarsat is not good at locating things unless the thing sends it's GPS coordinates to the closest of the 3 Inmarsat satellites. MH-370 ping data did NOT include any location information. link
Tracking devices are available for personal use and shipping containers, video below:
with full tanks of fuel a 777-200ER could easily make Ramon from KUL, with 7.4 hours of fuel on board it would need to refuel at Diego Garcia, Diego Garcia is a closed shop. You can be sure no one would spill the beans at Ramon. The runway is 2600 metres which is easily long enough.

The Irgun Zvei Leumi is alive and well, Nobel Peace Prize winner Menachem Begin would be proud.
James (Curchick?), Eli (Dr. Claw?), Rosie (M.A.D. Cat?), Liz (meanWahl, back at the ranch?)... link
Feb 14, 2012 - "Israel blames Iran for Thai bombings" - CNN.com
Feb 20, 2012 - A senior Thai cleric says MKO terrorists were behind the recent explosions.
MKO terrorists were welcomed to New York after terrorist status removed?
Israel is laying blame on "Iranians" on flight 370.
Perhaps the "Iranians" on board flight 370 were MKO terrorists from Thailand working for Israel?

Below some memories of Ariel Sharon, the husband, father, farmer, brilliant soldier and politician who was taken under the wing of the elder statesmen, terrorists, of Israel.
In spite of the political Shenanigans in the Knesset trying to stymie his well thought out plans he still managed to accomplish his mission for the Hebrews of Israel.
Unfortunately the mission he was given and took on with a passion did not benefit society as a whole.

I think it is unlikely that Ben (foot in mouth) Mileikowsky would be serving a second term as Prime Minister of Israel if Ariel Sharon had not had a stroke.
Ariel Sharon moved the Jewish settlers out of Gaza because he wanted access to the gas under the sea in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ - a seazone prescribed by the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea over which a state has special rights) off the coast of Gaza. The gas belongs to the Palestinians and could make them wealthy.
Without the Jewish settlers in the way Sharon would have a free hand in subjugating the Palestinians in Gaza, or driving them into the Sinai Desert.
When the long planned attack on Gaza occured in 2008/2009 it was carried out by Ehud Olmert, Ehud Barak and Tzipi Livni and acheived nothing except death and destruction of Palestinians and their infrastructure and very bad PR for Israel, although this was mitigated to some extent by Khaled Meshaal the political leader of Hamas who said the Israelis would soon feel the wrath of his Martyrs. The Western press immediately ran with the story that Palestinian suicide bombers were about to blow up countless innocent Jewish women and children.
It's strange that projects Khaled Meshaal organises such as showering Sderot with primitive pipe bomb rockets always seem to benefit Israel. If Ehud Barak did not have Khaled Meshaal to give Israel an excuse to attack Palestinians in Gaza and to put the fear of G-d into the Jews of Israel it would have been necessary to create someone like him?
Remember in the months after Hamas was elected to power in Gaza, Israel arrested the more moderate members of the Hamas government and put them in jails in Israel ...

Click photo above to watch an interesting video of a recent Lafayette Council meeting, democracy in action. It takes a while to load.

Below left Chris Rock gives some advice on how to not get your ass kicked by the police. Sorry Chris but sometimes the police will shoot the crap out of your car, you and the surrounding neighbourhood for no logical reason, watch video below right!

Instead of supporting the homicidal maniac Joseph Stalin who murdered millions of his own people the Allies should have helped Adolf Hitler rid Russia of that murderous despot.
part1 childhood
part2 early years
part3 origins
part4 cultural clash
part5 war declared part6 battle of Britain part7 Stalin part8 Pearl Harbor
part9 betrayal of Cossacks part10 Stalingrad part11 the red terror part12 Mussolini
Remember, no Jews were gassed in World War 2, the Holocaust is a Jewish fable!
Perhaps the reason the USA supported Britain and Russia and not Germany was all about the financial reward the USA military industrial complex was going to make out of the Lend Lease scheme for selling arms they manufactured to those countries so they were not obliged to negotiate a peace treaty with Germany.

The political machine of the USA is no longer responding to the wishes of the people of the USA who elect it. It has become a killing machine of other peoples in the world to drive sales of the USA military industrial complex. Other countries whose politicians listen to their people are no longer buying products containing GM material from the USA.
Wake up Peggy (Monsanto) Lemaux, we can't replace fossil energy with plant energy!!! do the math.
The biotech arm of the USA Industrial complex will destroy the biosphere of the Earth through it's ignorant experiments in bioengineering. Earth will become one of the infinite number of failed planets in the infinite Cosmos when all life has been destroyed by our arrogant use of "a little knowledge".
Corporate free market economies don't make healthy food choices for the people that live in them. Corporations are driven by profit, and if this is in sync with unhealthy food that's what we get:
Below a couple of examples of USA business practices:
What we should be doing:
Round the world in 45 days average speed 26.5 knots under wind power only, no stops for fuel, food or water! link

Above, normal caring humans exploring the wonderful Earth they were born on ...
Below, someone who should know better thought rocks in this photo from Mars were a ground squirrel on Earth, he even argued the point with NASA ... If you can see more than 1 ground squirrel in the image, our photoshopped ground squirrel thinks you're nuts ...